We Can Help

If you have to rehome your own dog or know of a dog in need, I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue is here to try and help you. We receive several email requests for help on a daily basis and reply to each one as soon as possible. There may not always be a foster home immediately available for a dog that needs rescuing, but we have a team of creative volunteers willing to help.

Please send us an email and tell us about the situation of the dog in need. A photo and a good biography are the two main items that will greatly increase a dog’s chances of finding a new home. Please be sure to include as many descriptive details as you can in the biography:

 Dog's personality (likes and dislikes)

Also, there are ways you can help us to find a forever home for a dog in need. You can sponsor the dog you're requesting help for, foster the dog until we find a home, and/or transport the dog to local adoption events. I.C.A.R.E. is always supportive to find a workable solution for each set of circumstances.