The I.C.A.R.E. Team

Daniel Bravo - President & Founder
Corrie Bravo - Vice President & Founder
Michelle Rangel - Executive Director
Katie Rongen - Executive Director

Key Volunteers:
Diane Abruzzo, Leah Patterson, Trish White, Angela Frank & Laura Violet - Adoption Coordinators
Marta Escanuelas - Outreach Coordinator
Robin Jackson - Marketing

I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue is all about heart and we have some of the biggest hearts around! I.C.A.R.E. was founded in the Fall of 2010 and quickly gained the reputation of helping and rescuing dogs that no one else would help. Our rescue efforts are not limited by how sick a dog in need might be. If a dog needs us, we’ll be there!

However, the rescue does not end with the pull from the shelter. Many of our dogs have had a long road to recovery before they can find their forever homes. Because we choose to rescue those dogs that need us the most and thought to be “unadoptable,” many of our dogs are being treated or have been treated for pneumonia, kennel cough, coccidia, giardia, and other serious conditions. We have nursed those that are extremely emaciated, those diseased with parvo, those with broken limbs, and those whose spirits have been broken so terribly that they need to be taught how to feel love and know trust.

Through all of this, our hearts have been broken by the few that have not survived despite our efforts. But our hearts have also been filled with joy as we have seen those dogs that were once abused, abandoned, and forgotten begin to experience love and trust again or maybe for the first time ever. There is nothing so gratifying as seeing once sick and terrified dogs in the loving care of their very own forever families.